Kitras Art Glass

Kitras Art Glass is a family run, Canadian company, with a strong belief in finding, making and sharing the Everyday Beautiful.

Our story started in 1988 when husband and wife duo, Stephen and Elke Kitras moved to small town Fergus, Ontario. Stephen had just graduated from Sheridan College. He set up a small studio and produced every piece himself, shipping it from their dining room table.

After a few years of working the craft show retail market Kitras Art Glass expanded into the wholesale market in 1994. In this year the single most important factor in our growth was the start of exports into the United States. This move initiated a major growing phase for the company and by 2001 we had expanded to over 40 employees. A new facility was built to accommodate the increased production demands.

These years were exciting but not short of struggles. In 1999, we suffered the loss of Elke Kitras to Leukemia. Her vision of celebrating beauty in all parts of life is still the driving factor behind every piece we create and bring to our customers.

Since our most significant development in 2001 we have shrunk and grown again with the changing marketplace. One of our most exciting changes during these times was the expansion of our in-house Showroom. Here we aim to inspire and spark joy to all who visit. Our 1000 square foot gallery showcases all of our signature collections and celebrates their stories.

We are proud to be Canada’s largest hot glass studio and will be celebrating 30 years of the Everyday Beautiful in 2018! Although Stephen is still a part of the company, his children have taken a large role in bringing the company forward into a new stage of business. We are proud to remain a family run, made in Canada company with a focus on bringing beautiful glass and gifts into the marketplace.

The roots of our company are built around the handmade and all that accompanies it. The quality, the uniqueness and above all, the beauty of a piece made by hand.

When we founded our company, we made a thoughtful decision to design and produce all of our products in North America. We always have and we always will.

We foster the belief that gifts with meaning connect people together. That moments collected build into stories and that those stories create the Everyday Beautiful.

We have a deep care for our customers. Sharing our stories and handcrafted process to help them find the perfect piece brings us immense joy.

It is our belief that beautiful things enhance the enjoyment of everyday life. And when surrounded by beauty, the spirit is uplifted.

This is our Everyday Beautiful.