Shop Virtually at Twigs

Shop for anything in this Twigs Christmas Video virtually by video chat

Because of COVID restrictions on shopping and out small selection of hard-to-find and unique Christmas and Holiday decor items, we can enable you to shop virtually! If you see something you like on this video, call us. We can arrange a Facetime (for iPhones) and Skype or Facebook Messenger open a video chat session and show you the item from a variety of views, show you the price tag and arrange for the item to be shipped by mail, courier, or held for storefront pickup (or alley-in-the-back pickup)!

Call us at 403-263-3302 to arrange a video chat to get pricing and place your order!

Our shop IS OPEN Monday to Friday 11 am to 4 pm
You are welcome to to drop in if you wish to make a purchase of either Giftware, Christmas, or Flowers.

Due to COVID-19, we are NOT accommodating casual browsing.
Our Capacity is 3 customers at a time and MASKS ARE MANDATORY.

We have colleagues and family members who are immune-compromised so we must minimize any unnecessary exposure
We thank you for understanding, and please stay safe!